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Our Message



To live is to eat.
With the philosophy of “food is life” as our compass,
Ark Tategamori fosters the next generation
We create rich food.



Food that you can feed your loved ones with peace of mind,
Make only that kind of thing.
Then be confident
Because customers can eat it.


brand message

to live is to eat


Reliable and safe food makes a healthy body,
The joy of eating delicious food
Cultivate a bright mind.

The accumulation of what you eat every day
ourselves, of course
Connect life to the next generation.
Therefore, reliable agriculture for food.

"Food is life"
This is an unchanging idea since our founding.


Tategamori, land of production and challenge


Blessed with fresh air and water
Southern tip of Iwate Prefecture,
At Tategamori Plateau
We have continued to produce and challenge.

Agriculture that delivers health and the joy of eating.
Farming that young people dream of.
Agriculture that prepares the global environment and protects greenery.

In pursuit of ideal agriculture,
Now, in Tategamori, where I put all of my strength into it,
A rich landscape is spreading.


Agriculture into the future


Ark means Noah's Ark.
All kinds of plants and pairs of animals on the ark
Noah survived the Great Flood and created the future.

Ark Tategamori is an ark connecting agriculture to the future.

With the philosophy of “food is life” as our compass,
We create rich food that nurtures the next generation.

May life be healthy 100 years from now.
That is our greatest wish.



our mission

Delivering a healthy diet through agriculture

Produce what you can safely feed your loved ones. That way, customers can eat with confidence. This is because "eating" is not only a problem for our generation, but also for the health and life of the next generation. Our agriculture is an industry that makes customers' dining table healthy and full of smiles. Agriculture is a health industry.


Make agriculture an industry where many young people can work with dreams

We take responsibility for our own products through interaction with our customers. We will raise the level from farming for making to farming for tasting and farming for enjoyment, where producers and consumers can share their excitement, and we will continue to work hard to create an attractive industry that young people of the next generation can inherit with their dreams. increase.


Creating a green global environment through agriculture

The environment is as important as human health. Protecting forests and oceans is the most important issue for leaving a beautiful earth to our descendants. Agriculture that creates greenery has protected the rice fields and fields that have long been maintained in the shadows of Japan's granitic land, which is fragile and prone to erosion. Developing agriculture is one of the important roles of agriculture as a green industry. Agriculture is a green industry.

nurture, grow,
and circulate

our efforts

Nurture, create, connect, and circulate.
Consistent with all food-related initiatives
The characteristic of Ark Tategamori is that we do it in-house.


a loving family
rest assured
only things

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind.
For a healthy and smiling life,
We deliver the products that we put our thoughts into.