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Tategamori Plateau Pork

Tategamori Kogen Buta Pork
館ヶ森高原豚 館ヶ森高原豚

Suitable for the name of Tategamori,
Supreme flavor and softness

Tategamori Kogen Pork is a breed that has been bred and improved over many years from the rare Babcock Swine breed in Japan to suit Japanese tastes. Rich red meat, lightly sweet fat, and soft meat. Based on the idea of "delivering to customers food that their families can eat with peace of mind", we raise them in an uncompromising breeding environment.

5 points that determine the taste

1. Breed

made its own improvements
"Babcock Swine"

"Babcock Swine" was born in the United States by combining the advantages of 12 breeds of pigs. While many breeds around the world give top priority to rationality, it is a rare breed in the world that pursues quality. Furthermore, "Tategamori Kogen Pork" was created through our own improvements. It is our ideal pork that you can eat every day without getting tired of it.

2. Feed

Considering meat quality and safety,

Feed during the fattening period is important in determining the taste and safety of pork. We don't use corn at all, and give milo and barley. In addition, separate production and distribution management is implemented to prevent contamination with genetically modified ingredients. By blending herbs such as thyme and rosemary, there is no smell peculiar to pork, and natural salt is used to give a lot of minerals.

3. Water

Nurtured by the nature of Tategamori
mineral-rich groundwater

The Kitakami mountain range, rich in nature, runs along the eastern side of Iwate Prefecture. Abundant groundwater originating from the Kitakami Mountains flows around the Tategamori Plateau. Tategamori Kogen pigs are raised by drinking water containing plenty of natural minerals by passing this groundwater through a VUP (High Energy Activation Device) and natural ore Silica Black® every day.

4. Meat processing

depends on the dish
the most delicious cut

For example, even with the same loin meat, the appropriate way to cut it varies depending on the dish used, such as shabu-shabu, pork cutlet, and stew. We cut the pork at our in-house processing plant so that you can enjoy Tategamori Kogen Pork even more deliciously. We offer our customers fresh pork with the best thickness and cutting method.

5. Breeding

face to face
with lots of love

Pigs are very delicate animals. Minor environmental factors, such as the meat becoming tougher when strained, affect its taste. Therefore, it is an essential condition for delicious pork to avoid stress as much as possible. It goes without saying that we take care of them, but by putting a lot of love into each and every one of them, we raise them to be the best pork.

Thoughts of a craftsman


Priority should be given to taste and quality

I have a belief that I will never forget. This is the belief inherited from the founder, "We only make food that our family can eat with peace of mind. If we do that, our customers will be able to eat with confidence." Breed improvement in pursuit of productivity is progressing in the world, but the "Tategamori Kogen Pork" we produce has never changed, and the pursuit of deliciousness and quality has been the top priority.


I don't get tired of eating it every day

The characteristics of the meat are the tenderness of the red meat produced by the fineness of the meat and the refreshing flavor of the fat. Because it is less addictive, you can fully enjoy it. Some customers prefer a stronger flavor, but our goal is to not get tired of eating it every day. The ideal is a rich yet refreshing taste that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or gender.


First company in Tohoku
Farm HACCP certified

We have established a system for thorough hygiene management so that both pigs and managers can live comfortably every day. In 2013, we became the first company in the Tohoku region to obtain farm HACCP certification. This is a major point that is essential to assure our customers of "safety and security". The pork we produce makes our customers smile. It is our greatest pleasure. We will continue to make every effort to satisfy our customers.



館ヶ森高原豚 ロース肉

Tategamori highland pork loin

The most popular standard product. The highest grade pork loin from Tategamori Kogen pork. The balance of fat and lean meat is good, and you can enjoy the deliciousness of both. We recommend the fillet steak, simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

Product line-up

館ヶ森高原豚 肩ロース肉

Tategamori highland pork shoulder loin

In fact, it is a popular item with many hidden repeaters. It is a soft, rich and flavorful part with fat in lean meat like marbling. Recommended cooking methods are ginger grill and pork saute.

Product line-up

館ヶ森高原豚 フィレ肉

Tategamori highland pork fillet

The fillet meat is a rare and high-class part that only two blocks of about 500g can be taken from one pig. It is characterized by having the most finely textured, tender meat of all pork, and the lowest amount of fat. The fillets are for bite cutlets, and the blocks are luxurious steaks!

Product line-up

館ヶ森高原豚 バラ肉

Tategamori Kogen Pork Belly

This is the part where you can enjoy the characteristic "deliciousness of the fat" of Tategamori Kogen pork. Yakiniku and shabu-shabu are delicious, but the most recommended is block meat! Cut it to your preferred size and use it for curry, stew, kakuni, sweet and sour pork, etc.

Product line-up

館ヶ森高原豚 モモ肉

Tategamori Plateau Pork Thigh Meat

A healthy part with little fat. You can fully enjoy the "deliciousness of red meat" with a mellow flavor without any odor. We recommend the shabu-shabu that has been quickly blanched. Enjoy with a refreshing cold shabu-shabu salad in the summer.

Product line-up

About Ark Tategamori
For those who want to know more

About us

To deliver health and the joy of eating,
To connect the future of agriculture to the next generation,
With an unchanging desire since our founding,
We continue to challenge here in Tategamori.


nurture, grow,
and circulate

our efforts

Nurture, create, connect, and circulate.
Consistent with all food-related initiatives
The characteristic of Ark Tategamori is that we do it in-house.