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; Connect

deliver food to people,
draw a circle to the future
つなげる つなげる

food story
place to feel


where did you grow up who raised you
What kind of thoughts did you grow up with?
about the food you eat,
how much do we know
Ark Tategamori is still active today.
People who raise pigs, people who grow vegetables,
People who process food are also facing their jobs.
By all means, the story of how food was born
Please come and experience it.


The luxury of eating in a well-located place


We also run a restaurant.
Ingredients made on the farm,
I want you to eat in the best condition.
The dishes made with such thoughts,
All of them are our confidence.


hear the voice of the dining table


Our food business
It's not the end of delivery to the dining table.
Rather, it can be said that it is the beginning.
We listen to customer feedback and use it to evolve,
So that you will want to visit our ranch,
We are also focusing on connecting various edges.


About Ark Tategamori
For those who want to know more

About us

To deliver health and the joy of eating,
To connect the future of agriculture to the next generation,
With an unchanging desire since our founding,
We continue to challenge here in Tategamori.


a loving family
rest assured
only things

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind.
For a healthy and smiling life,
We deliver the products that we put our thoughts into.