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Taste and peace of mind
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The deliciousness is
From Grace and Human Hands


Pork and processed products made at Ark Tategamori.
They are made of rich natural blessings and careful handiwork.
It cannot be created without either.
Deliciousness that makes you want to eat every day.
The safety of being fed to loved ones.
There are no compromises.


I want to eat every day


We are always looking at the dining table every day with the philosophy that "food is life". Adults and children alike can eat it deliciously, and they will want to eat it again without getting bored. We will support precious lives that continue tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with food that you can rest assured of.


don't use extra


If you choose the right ingredients and how to make it,
No need to add anything extra.
Our belief in "additive-free" is
Because it's the best choice for food.
This deliciousness is the answer of Ark Tategamori.
*Ark Tategamori does not use preservatives, coloring agents, binders, umami seasonings, coloring agents, or bulking agents.


About Ark Tategamori
For those who want to know more

About us

To deliver health and the joy of eating,
To connect the future of agriculture to the next generation,
With an unchanging desire since our founding,
We continue to challenge here in Tategamori.


a loving family
rest assured
only things

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind.
For a healthy and smiling life,
We deliver the products that we put our thoughts into.