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Self Introduction

Our starting point is the passion of one man. His desire to "pass on agriculture as a dream industry to the next generation" is reflected in the name "Ark Tategamori", which is likened to Noah's Ark that connected many lives to the future. indicates where to go.



1972 in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Started pig farming business

Founder Teruo Hashimoto is from Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture.
After studying veterinary medicine at university and obtaining a veterinarian license, at the age of 25, he and his father, Fumio, founded Hashimoto Farm Co., Ltd. in his hometown of Fukaya.


Aiming to realize the ideal,
Restart in Iwate Prefecture

Although business was going well, Teruo realized that he could not realize his ideal agriculture in Fukaya. Tategamori started by relocating to Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture and restarting the pig farming business.


Management philosophy

"Food is life"
our thoughts in

The philosophy of “Food is life” has remained unchanged since our founding. Our mission is to produce only food that our loved ones can safely eat, and to provide rich food that nurtures the next generation.



Feel the preciousness of life and nature
Ark Tategamori Ranch

Ark Tategamori ranch is a form of our commitment to food and agriculture. Abundant nature, contact with animals, and meals full of the charm of the ranch. You can learn the splendor of life and nature with your five senses.



achieve high quality
“consistency” and “cycle”

In order to pursue high quality and safety, we are ahead of the times in building an integrated system of “cultivating, producing, and connecting”. In addition, through recycling-oriented agriculture, we are also working to take responsibility for the future.



Foods that can be safely eaten

Only safe and delicious food that leads to a healthy life. All of our products are additive-free, and are carefully made in our own workshops and restaurants using ingredients such as pork and vegetables produced on our farm.



young people have dreams
To attractive agriculture

Promoting sustainable farm management, starting with recycling-oriented agriculture that makes effective use of resources by turning excrement and food waste from livestock farming, agriculture, and workshops into fully-ripened compost. We aim to create attractive agriculture that will be passed down to the next generation.