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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the event held?

Event schedule for the last 3 monthsherePlease check from


Do you have a place to eat?

In addition to the lunch buffet at "Natural Food Restaurant Tills" and barbecue at "BBQ Terrace", we offer soft serve ice cream and light meals of grilled sausages at "Welcome Shop Kinomi".

Can I bring my lunch into the venue?

Please refrain from bringing packed lunches into the venue. Ark Tategamori is a food-themed facility that practices integrated production agriculture without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Is it possible to use the cafe only?

Available from 15:00 to 17:00 at "Natural Food Restaurant Tills". Business hours change depending on the season.

Can I reserve a meal?

Reservations are accepted at "Natural Food Restaurant Tills" and "BBQ Terrace". Please feel free to contact us for wedding reservations, group use, and store rental.
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How many seats are there in "Natural Food Restaurant Tills"?

About 100 seats. A baby chair is also available.

What time does the restaurant open?

It is divided into lunch time (buffet) and cafe time.
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Are you non-smoking? Or do you have a smoking area?

There is no smoking area in the pay area. In the free area, there is one smoking area at the farm market east exit.


Is there a place where you can change diapers?

"Natural Food Restaurant Tills" has a nursing room with a table for babies to lie down on. Please note that it is not provided in the paid area of the ranch.

Are there toilets in the pay area of the ranch?

It is located next to the Tree House Kukunochi, Lavender Field, Wanpaku Hiroba, and Sheep Farm Tour Bus Stop. None of these toilets are multipurpose toilets.
Multi-purpose toilets are available at "Farm Market" and "Natural Food Restaurant Tills".


Is it possible to hold more hands-on classes than the capacity?

Depending on the space, we basically respond to consultations such as dividing it into multiple times or dividing the place into multiple places. Please feel free to contact us.
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Does the price of the experience class include the entrance fee?

Admission fee is separate.

Are there trial classes that can be held on the same day without making a reservation?

Workshops are held at the "Herb & Plant Shop". You can experience soap making and herbarium making (contents may change). We are closed in winter. The experience menu changes depending on the season and day.

Please note that it may be suspended without notice depending on the situation.

What kind of experiences can you have at the ranch?

"Activity/Experience"Please confirm.

Can I touch the animals?

yes. Many animals are gentle, but if you hit them or hold them strongly, you may get hurt unexpectedly. Please be gentle and quiet, especially for small children, be careful not to bite their hands.

When is the egg picking experience open?

Reception is open from 11:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (closed in winter).
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Is there a place where I can take a break (where I can sit)?

I have a bench on the ranch. Please feel free to use it.

Do you sell herb seedlings?

It is sold at the herb & plant shop at the farm entrance (closed in winter).
We have a wide range of products that you can enjoy gardening, such as herb seedlings, flower seedlings, planters and planter decorations. You can also listen to the advice of professional gardeners.

Are service dogs allowed in the store?

yes. Service dogs can enter the ranch and any building. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. Pets other than dogs are not allowed to enter from the viewpoint of epidemic prevention.


What animals are there on the farm?

There are chickens, deer, sheep, ponies, rabbits and peacocks.

What animals can be fed from vending machines?

It can be fed to rabbits, sheep, ponies and deer.
Please do not feed it to birds as it may upset their stomachs.

Can I give grass to animals?

Please refrain from giving grass to animals.
Depending on the plant, the animal may have an upset stomach.
There is a vending machine for "animal food" in the park, so please use it (it cannot be given to birds).


Can I bring my pet with me?

From an epidemic prevention perspective, only dogs are allowed to enter, and a dog admission ticket and dog companion entry consent form are required. With the exception of some facilities, accompanying guests are not allowed inside buildings such as restaurants and shops. Service dogs are not limited to this, and can enter the building without an admission ticket.

In addition, when using the tour bus, you can ride the animal by placing it in a cage with a total length and width of less than 120 cm and placing it on your lap. However, you may be asked to refrain from boarding the bus when it is crowded. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please check below for details.
For customers with pets

When are your business days (holidays)?

It is basically open all year round and is closed during the year-end and New Year holidays.
The paid period in the hall is from April to November. The paid period changes due to the climate. Please feel free to come and visit us during the free period from December to March. The change of the period will be announced in "What's New" on the top page.

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Do you have playground equipment for children?

Playground equipment is available at the Wanpaku Plaza and Niji no Oka Garden. There is a tree house Kukunochi at the end of the fragrant wind garden, and you can climb it.
Animals are kept free in various places on the grounds, and you can even come into contact with them. In addition, there is an animal house next to the "deer ranch" where you can enter and interact with the animals.

When does the flower arrangement fee start?

As a guideline, the "blooming season" is from mid-April to mid-May, from mid-June to late July, and from mid-September to October. Depending on the blooming conditions of the flowers in the park, the flowering season will be around.
In addition, during the flowering season, the admission fee will be the "flowering season fee". The date of the price change will be announced on the website as soon as it is decided.
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Can I bring my car inside the venue?

From April 2023, it is no longer possible to enter by car, and it has become a facility where you can walk around. Please use the tour bus within the venue.

As a business that promotes recycling-oriented agriculture that reduces environmental impact, and from the perspective of environmental conservation, this is one of the issues that we have been thinking about for a long time. Furthermore, in recent years, the number of people walking around the facility has increased significantly, so after considering the safety of the customers in the facility, we came to the conclusion that we would take the opportunity of the renovation to make it a walking facility. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
In addition, excursion buses and work vehicles run in the facility, and some of the facilities are used as community roads for nearby residents, so please be careful as such vehicles may pass. .

How long does it take to walk around the Kaoru Kaze Garden?

About 15 minutes is a guideline. Please appreciate slowly while walking roses, lavender, herbs, etc. If you are in a hurry, you can walk in about 5 minutes, but some people enjoy it slowly for more than an hour.
Please enjoy the change of the garden according to the season.

Can we move wheelchairs and strollers?

There are slopes and multi-purpose toilets for wheelchair users and strollers around Farm Market and Natural Food Restaurant Tills.
In addition, anyone can comfortably walk around the Kaoru Kaze Garden, where you can stroll around. The bus is foldable and portable, and if you have someone with you, you can put a wheelchair or stroller on the tour bus carrier.

How long does it take to walk around the grounds?

It takes about 1 hour at the earliest to go around the hall. There are ups and downs on the slope, but we recommend that you take a leisurely 2-3 hours to complete the tour. You can take a pleasant walk in nature.

Is there an entrance fee for shopping and eating at the ranch?

If you are going to shop or eat at "Farm Market", "Natural Food Restaurant Tills", "BBQ Terrace", or "Welcome Shop Kinomi", there is no entrance fee as it is a free area.

When you enter the pay area to interact with various gardens and animals, or walk around the grounds, you will be charged an admission fee by purchasing a ticket.

What kind of flowers are blooming?

In spring, witch hazel, narcissus, Japanese allspice, Japanese apricot, magnolia, magnolia, Japanese cornel, cherry, tulip, Japanese dogwood, etc.
Lavender, roses and herbs in summer
In autumn, cosmos and salvia
Various flowers bloom from spring to autumn.
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Excursion bus

When does the tour bus operate?

Basically, during the paid admission period, we operate a full-day tour bus including weekdays. It takes about 20 minutes to go around, so please use it.


Is there a charge for taking the tour bus?

If you show your admission ticket for the day or an annual passport that is still valid, you can ride for free.

Where can I board from?

Ahead of Kaoru Kaze Garden, Tree House Kukunochi is the departure and arrival point of the tour bus.

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