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interact with animals

Touch, feel and learn.
In the majestic nature of Tategamori
You can experience contact with animals.

Touch, feel and learn.
In the majestic nature of Tategamori
You can experience contact with animals.

egg picking

A very popular "egg picking" experience from our customers. The warmth and weight of a freshly laid egg that can only be tasted at the ranch. The eggs you pick yourself have a special taste. You can even take it home with you. Please use it for kindergarten and elementary school excursions, children's parties, company events, etc.


You can purchase as many eggs as you have picked for 400 yen for 6 and 650 yen for 10.


None (*However, it will end as soon as the eggs run out.)

date and time

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-14:00
Available for groups of 5 or more on weekdays (reservation required)
Closed during winter from December to March

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Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays can be attended on the same day. Pre-booking is required on weekdays with a minimum of 5 participants. Please fill out the form below and let us know if you would like to participate in egg picking.

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Egg picking flow

1. Reception

When you arrive at the egg picking farm, please go to the reception first.
You will soon hear the voices of the chickens.

2. Admission

From the perspective of epidemic prevention, please cooperate as follows when entering the egg picking farm.
・ Change of clothes (wearing the jacket prepared here)
・Disinfection (stepping disinfection with disinfectant at the entrance of the farm)

3. Egg picking

Go to the chicken coop and open the nest box to find a freshly laid warm egg. Let's put it in the basket right away.

4. Takeaway

You can purchase as many eggs as you collect, 6 eggs for 400 yen, or 10 eggs for 650 yen.

Animal contact experience

At Ark Tategamori Ranch, you can interact with more than 20 kinds of animals, including chickens, deer, sheep, and ponies. In a vast 100-hectare site, the animals are bred in an environment that allows them to live in a way that is as close to nature as possible. Please experience the contact with the animals who live freely.

※ please note
Since they are living creatures, there are times when they are in a good mood and times when they are in a bad mood. Please be careful when interacting with the animals so that you don't get bitten and get hurt.






Chickens run around energetically in a vast ranch surrounded by nature. "Mukashi-tamago" is born in a carefree everyday life. In the "egg picking" experience, you can feel the warmth of the life that is born in your hands. (Held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Reservations required for groups of 5 or more on weekdays.)

red deer

Descendants of deer flew in from Scotland in 1988. Its elegant appearance is loved as one of the symbols of the ranch. Autumn is the breeding season, and males use their horns as weapons to compete for the position of boss. From June to July, when the baby is born, cute fawns heal the hearts of those who see them.


About 300 "Suffolk breeds" live on the spacious ranch. It is known as a breed that produces high-quality lamb/hogget meat with early ripening and early fertilization. Birth period is from January to March. Shave before summer.


"Pony" is a general term for horses that are less than 147cm tall at the shoulder. Currently, the ponies live in two locations.

other animals

We have rabbits and guinea pigs in our "animal house" and many other animals.

About raising pigs

Ark Tategamori was founded in the pig farming industry, and currently produces pork at five farms. We used to raise pigs pasturage on this ranch, but now we have no choice but to stop raising pigs and events on our premises for epidemic prevention reasons. The staff are also looking forward to the day when we can interact with the pigs again.

Feeding experience

Animal feed vending machines are installed at five locations on the ranch. Since it is a food for general herbivores, it can be given to animals other than birds in the farm. The food is in the form of pellets (lumps), and the skin of the monaka can be given to the animals, so you can enjoy hygienic and eco-friendly feeding without getting your hands dirty or producing garbage.


Bait 1 piece 100 yen



About Ark Tategamori
For those who want to know more

About us

In order to deliver health and the joy of eating, and to connect the future of agriculture to the next generation, we continue to take on challenges here in Tategamori with the same passion that we have had since our founding.

our efforts

Raise, create, deliver, and circulate. A feature of Ark Tategamori is that we consistently carry out all food-related initiatives in-house.

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind. We deliver products that are filled with our passion for a healthy and smiling life.