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Bus Information

The departure and arrival point of the tour bus is "Tree House Kukunochi"!

Relax on a tour bus
Enjoy the scenery of the venue

From the viewpoint of ensuring the safety of customers and protecting the natural environment, it will not be possible to enter or tour the paid area by car after the reopening, and instead, the tour bus will operate all day during the paid period (*). The dispersed parking lots will be gathered in the area where the farm entrance is located at the entrance of the ranch, making it convenient. . Enjoy Ark Tategamori at your leisure by riding a retro-style bonnet bus and taking in the scenery of the venue, or taking a stroll on foot.

Bus departure and arrival point: "Tree House Kukunochi"

"Tree House Kukunochi" - "Rainbow Hill" - "Lavender Field" - "Sheep Ranch" - "Tree House Kukunochi" It takes about 20 minutes.

*Excluding winter season

About Ark Tategamori
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About us

In order to deliver health and the joy of eating, and to connect the future of agriculture to the next generation, we continue to take on challenges here in Tategamori with the same passion that we have had since our founding.

our efforts

Raise, create, deliver, and circulate. A feature of Ark Tategamori is that we consistently carry out all food-related initiatives in-house.

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind. We deliver products that are filled with our passion for a healthy and smiling life.