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Our Business

surrounding food
Establishing recycling-oriented agriculture

Our business
“Nurture” “Create” “Connect”
The three pillars surrounding food,
"Circulating" to connect them
We have established a combined circular agriculture.
everything is safe and secure
To provide delicious produce.
Pork, eggs, vegetables, etc. raised on the ranch,
Processed by ourselves and delivered to customers
I will deliver it with the feeling of handing it over.
The thoughts that Ark Tategamori has cherished
While circulating to tomorrow,
We aim to do better business.

育てる 農業・畜産 育てる 農業・畜産



In the land of Tategamori, which is blessed with nature, we are raising pigs, which is the core business of Ark Tategamori, and cultivating pesticide-free vegetables and organic JAS wheat.

つくる 製造・加工 つくる 製造・加工



Additive-free ham and sausages, delicatessens and sweets that value the taste of the ingredients are carefully made one by one.

つなげる 販売・飲食・観光 つなげる 販売・飲食・観光

Sale, eating and drinking, sightseeing

Sale, eating and drinking, sightseeing

See your face and listen to your voice. And let them experience the site where food is born. These are also our missions.

循環する 有機肥料製造 循環する 有機肥料製造

Organic fertilizer manufacturing

Organic fertilizer manufacturing

Livestock excrement and food waste from restaurants are converted into organic fertilizer, which is used by ranches and neighboring farms.

nurture, grow,
and circulate

our efforts

Nurture, create, connect, and circulate.
Consistent with all food-related initiatives
The characteristic of Ark Tategamori is that we do it in-house.


a loving family
rest assured
only things

Safe and delicious products

We only make food that our beloved family can eat with peace of mind.
For a healthy and smiling life,
We deliver the products that we put our thoughts into.