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We are currently accepting year-end gifts.

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Winter has arrived all at once across the country. Ichinoseki City was also hit by a sudden cold spell, and it snowed on the 25th. I hurriedly replaced the tires with studless tires and everything was fine, but I was a bit surprised as I thought it would be a mild winter.

Well, there's only one month left this year. For our marketing department, this is the busiest season. That's right, the year-end gift season has arrived.

This year as well, we are looking forward to using our lineup of new gift sets along with our usual popular sets. With December just around the corner, we have added online-only gifts to our online shop, so please come and visit the ``Ark Tategamori Online Shop.'' Furthermore, after this, we plan to sell sets suitable for Christmas and year-end gatherings.

This year's popular item is the classic "Whole Farm Set" as well as the new "[Free Shipping] Delica Variety Set". ' is gaining popularity. We believe that the secret to the popularity of this set is that it has 4 types of delicatessens such as ``Ginjozuke'', ``Shiokojizuke'', and the popular Kakuni made by our craftsmen. Over the past few years, we have often received complaints about the convenience of being able to eat right away, and this "delica-style" assortment has been well-received by everyone this year as well.

Now, in addition to year-end gifts to express our gratitude, this year we are also starting to talk about gathering together for meals and parties. Just the sound of "everyone coming together" makes me feel excited. In order to support such "gatherings", we are planning a Christmas special (tentative name) after this. In the Christmas special, we are preparing to enjoy the popular bone-in loin and the "mutton" set that has been on sale for a limited time since this year.

We will be updating our online shop every day, so please take this opportunity to“Ark Tategamori Online Shop”We would be happy if you added it to your "favorites" and check it often.We will also send you information via e-mail newsletter and LINE, so please mark this as well.

In 2023, the weather is unstable and the season is not quite calm, but please take care of yourself and avoid catching a cold during the busy December period. I want to eat pork and get through the end of the year in good health.

Marketing Department Tsukasa Takagaki

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