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Online only! Introduction to “Tategamori Kogen Hogget”

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hello everyone!

It's going to be cold every day.

How are you spending your time these days, with Christmas just around the corner?

Today, we would like to introduce you to the online-only product ``Tategamori Kogen Hogget''.

Ark Tategamori online shop will be available from the end of November.

“Tategamori Kogen Hogget” was sold as an online-only product.

At the time of release, products such as ``bone-in loin'' and ``sirloin steak'' were included.

We were offering a free shipping gift set, but due to popular demand, the planned quantity is sold out.

Due to many inquiries from customers,

We continue to offer ``Ara minced meat'' and ``Kiriotoshi''.

As you know, "hogget" is the meat of sheep aged 12 months or more but less than 24 months old.

The meat quality combines the sweetness of lamb and the unique flavor of mutton,

Its taste is deeper and richer than mutton or lamb.It is also said that

This is my suggestion.

A dish that allows you to enjoy the unique ``umami'' of mutton, made with ``Tategamori Kogen Hogget Ara Minced Meat''

How about a ``hamburger''?

I think it would be perfect for a fun Christmas dinner.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Ark Kangamori Marketing Department Kumagaya

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