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About winter herb & plant shop business hours and admission

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Today is the long-awaited Christmas Eve!

Today's Christmas Eve and tomorrow's Christmas

Do you have plans set?

This time, we would like to explain about the Herb & Plant Shop's business hours and admission during the winter.

First, about the operation of the herb & plant shop.

This is Christmas tomorrow

December 25th (10:00-15:30)

We are open until.


Cyclamen with beautiful and rare colors

Violas and peonies that are resistant to cold, etc.

We have a variety of flowers,

Once a month even during winter holidays

We are holding a gathering class.

I’m curious about the Gathering!

I want to participate!

If you are interested, please take a look at our website.

Regarding admission to paid areas

Unfortunately, this year has already come to an end.

The resumption of business is

Both herb & plant shop and paid area.

Early March at the earliest, March 16th at the latest

We will reopen.

As a memory of this Christmas

As a gift for someone special

Please come visit our store!


I wanted to go this year but couldn't go...

I'm thinking of going, but I have work...

For those who say

We look forward to seeing you again next year or at our monthly gathering class! ! ! !

Agriculture and Pasture Department Sena Ozaki

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