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Winter is limited to this food! !

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It's finally getting cold like this time of year.

When winter comes, you suddenly want to eat hot pot dishes, or you miss something that warms your body...

At this time of year, I suddenly have a craving for meat buns, pizza buns, etc., so I often rush to the convenience store...

Also, the farm sells pork buns that are very large and filling, and I personally recommend them.

Additive-free delicatessen | Ark Tategamori (

The skin is made from organic, pesticide-free wheat grown on a farm and has a chewy texture and slight sweetness, and the filling is filled with plenty of Tategamori Plateau pork! ! It has a juicy finish.

It is sold at farm markets and online shops, so if you haven't tried it yet, please check it out and it will warm your mind and body.

Agriculture Department Makoto Chiba

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