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Regarding winter vegetable management

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This year is said to be a mild winter, and I feel like there are many warm days during the day. However, it gets really cold at night, so I feel like I need to constantly adjust the temperature in winter.
This time, I would like to introduce how Ark Tategamori protects vegetables from the cold.

In winter, vegetables can't survive the cold, and they wither, don't sprout, or grow slowly.
For vegetables that are sensitive to the cold or those that you want to promote growth, it is important to add cold protection material to the tunnel inside the greenhouse to keep them warm.

↓The photo below shows a tunnel with cold protection material attached.

Vegetables cannot regulate their own temperature, so humans must adjust the temperature every day.
Open the cold protection material on days when the sun is out to ventilate it, and if it looks like it's getting too big, open the winter protection material at night as well.
In this way, by monitoring and managing the vegetables on a daily basis, the winter vegetables will grow little by little.

Vegetables grown without succumbing to the cold are often sweeter than those harvested from spring to autumn, even if they are the same vegetable. Everyone please try it.

Agricultural club Keitaro Nakamura

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