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2024 Lifestyle Support Campaign

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Hello everyone!

My body gets hard due to repeated warm and cold days.

It's not going to happen these days.

I apologize for the personal matter.

My child will become a member of society in April and will start life in a new world.

Half of me feels lonely, and half of me wants to send cheers to the children who are starting out in society.

I have mixed feelings.

However, I hope that people will not forget about their hometown of Ichinoseki in their new location.

Is there anyone among you who would like to support those working far away with Ichinoseki's proud products?

Ark Tategamori mail order site is currently running the “2024 Lifestyle Support Campaign”.

We are implementing it.

Order period is from 2024/2/15 (Thursday) to 2024/3/31 (Sunday)

For each order, if the purchase amount is 10,000 yen or more (tax included), shipping is free (excluding Okinawa Prefecture and some remote islands)


Please take this opportunity to offer Ark Tategamori products to your acquaintances who are working far away.

How about sending an email?

Please consider this.

Marketing Department Tsutomu Kumagai

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