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About herbal tea that relieves pollen symptoms

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Hello, these days are days when the sun is warm and the snow is flickering and it's freezing, and it feels like spring is coming.

With the arrival of spring, some people may be having trouble with pollen scattering.

Therefore, we would like to introduce herbal products available at Farm Market that can relieve symptoms caused by pollen.

This is my recommended herbal tea.

The women's ally blend contains 13 types of herbs, including black soybean, ladies mantle, and shatavari.
It has a gentle aroma based on the warm flavor of black beans.

One more dish

Contains 16 types of herbs such as Oriental Beauty, Rooibos Green, and Evening Primrose.
Based on Touhou Bijin, which has an elegant and sweet aftertaste, it is characterized by a herbal and refreshing taste.

In addition, we also offer herbal teas that are safe for pregnant women to enjoy.

There are also several herbs and herbal products that can be used to treat and relieve symptoms of hay fever. However, the effects may vary depending on individual constitution and allergies, so care must be taken when using it. Below are some common herbs and herbal products.

  1. chamomile: Has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce allergic reactions. Drinking it as herbal tea can help relieve sore throats and stuffy noses.
  2. nettle: It is said to have antihistamine properties and may help reduce sneezing and runny nose. Nettle tea can help reduce hay fever symptoms.
  3. rose hips: It is rich in vitamin C and may help boost immunity. By drinking it as herbal tea, you can expect support to protect your body from pollen.
  4. astragalus: This herb is said to boost immunity and is expected to be effective in relieving symptoms of hay fever. It can be taken as a supplement.
  5. Perilla: It is said to have the effect of suppressing allergic reactions, and incorporating it into your diet may help alleviate symptoms of hay fever.

Please consult your doctor or specialist before using these herbs and herbal products.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Hiroe Shibuya

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