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How are you doing during this season of awakening of insects?
There's a lot of pollen flying around these days and I'm suffering from hay fever.

(1) Now, on Monday, April 1st, we will be releasing a new product, "Tategamori Kogen PorkHam from Paris" will be released!

A traditional Parisian ham with a moist and tender texture. It spread from Paris and its suburbs in the 18th century and was even called the "King of Hams". The pork thigh is deboned, salted and seasoned with seasonings, placed in a mold and boiled for a long time. The most delicious Hams of Paris are made using artisanal methods and do not use phosphates, preservatives or food additives. Our Hams of Paris are exactly that.

To coincide with the new release of "Hambon de Paris", we will be running a special campaign from April 1st (Monday) to June 30th (Sunday).

We hope you will find more details on our website, posters in stores, and application forms at a later date.

(2) Event information

The "Oiwate Exhibition" is currently being held at Nihonbashi Takashimaya. Period: March 13th (Wed) - 18th (Mon)

Our company, Ark Tategamori, will also be exhibiting at the event, so if you are in Tokyo, please come and visit us.

We will also be exhibiting at the Kitchen Stage of Fujisaki Department Store (Sendai) next week on Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd.

We welcome customers from the Tohoku region to stop by. We look forward to meeting you.

Ranch Business Division Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura

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