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If you come to Ark Tategamori during Golden Week, you must try this!

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Hello everyone.

In spring at Ark Tategamori, the contrast between the vibrantly blooming flowers and the fresh greenery is beautiful, adding color to the scenery of the ranch.

Well, Golden Week is just around the corner! If you come to Ark Tategamori, we would like you to try the natural food restaurant Tils's specialty.

"Thick-sliced Tategamori Highland Pork Loin Sautéed with Herbs"

The meat's characteristics are the tenderness of the red meat, which is produced by its fine texture, and the refreshing flavor of the fat. It has a mild flavor, so you can eat a lot of it.

Come and enjoy the delicious cuisine that is unique to Ark Tategamori while taking in the vibrant spring scenery of the ranch.

Natural Food Restaurant Tils Yuri Kamiyama

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