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I tried making a delicious ajillo using sausage steak [pork tongue]

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Hello, this is Sasaki from the Tokyo sales office.

The weather has been comfortable recently,

It makes you want to go out.

In mid-May, I was at a campsite in Kanagawa Prefecture with some friends.

We went on a group camp.

At that time, Ajillo made with pork tongue sausage steak from Ark Tategamori was served.

It was a big hit with my friends so I'll share it.

In fact, President Shinei once told me, "It's delicious to make ajillo with sausage steak (pork tongue) and mushrooms!"

I had been recommended this dish, but I couldn't make it taste the way I wanted it to.

After much trial and error, I was finally able to create an ajillo that tasted satisfying.

[See the recipe]

The point is

Dry roast the mushrooms until golden brown.

To do so!

By removing as much moisture as possible from the mushrooms, the flavor is concentrated.

When combined with olive oil and sausage steak (pork tongue)

It matches perfectly!

I think this would be a great snack for Father's Day,

I hope you'll try making this at home or for camping trips.


This time we introducedSausage steak [pork tongue]However, we are offering an extra one for a limited time only in June.

Please give it a try!

Koudai Sasaki, Sales Department

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