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I took a walk in search of spring in the park on Monday.

I found a narcissus flower at the Wanpaku Square.
The flower language of the daffodil is said to mean "respect" and "unrequited love."
Japanese allspice Japanese witch hazel Japanese sanshu
Invited by the sweet scent, I walked towards the Sansuyu forest.
Sansuyu and witch hazel were in full bloom behind the Japanese allspice.
Kobai is also in full bloom.
It is a tulip of the rainbow hill garden.

The staff is also working hard to see the flowers that have bloomed beautifully.
The tulips in Yumemigaoka Garden were also sprouting. Sakura is a bud.
At noon, many sheep welcome the staff. Just like the Bremen Town Musicians!
I climbed up to the tree house "Kukunochi" for the first time in a while to see the building under renovation.

farm market

Natural Food Restaurant Tills

We can't wait to meet our customers at the grand opening next month.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Hiroe Shibuya

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