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The fragrant wind garden ~Spring is finally here! ! ~

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Yesterday's rain, the plants in the fragrant wind garden are getting better.
This year, the stems of the Christmas roses, which bloomed late, suddenly grew and became beautiful due to the rain for the first time in a while.

[Christmas rose] Ranunculaceae perennial
There are also red, pink, white and double-flowered species in the garden.
We recommend Christmas roses that brighten up the season without flowers.
Especially the white flower is a pretty and favorite breed.

Dark varieties are also chic and nice (*^-^*)

The snowdrops that bloom the earliest in the garden are also blooming.
[Snowdrop] Amaryllidaceae
The white flower facing downward is attractive in the pretty grass.

The plants generally bloom late, but I think the rain and climate will make the garden more gorgeous.
Unfortunately, Kaoru Kaze Garden is still in preparation and cannot be shown.
Please wait for a while.

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of the fragrant wind garden

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