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Fujisawa Town, Ichinoseki City, where Ark Tategamori is located
It's still chilly around 3 degrees Celsius in the morning,
The days are warm like spring.
Climb the tree house "Kukunochi" in the hall
Customers who walked and explored
I was sweating pleasantly.
spring flowers begin to bloom,
Insects can also be seen
I feel spring

Today, I grew up in such Ark Tategamori
Using 4 kinds of herbs,
Introducing “Herb Salt”.
◆ Oregano
◆ Time
◆ Sage
Herbs are hand-picked, naturally dried,
the selected
Mixed with rock salt and spices.

Herbal scent is so good
Simple is recommended first!
You can eat it with grilled Tategamori Kogen pork,
For vegetables and fish grilled in foil
Sprinkle and eat.
I hope you can feel the scent.
Of course it's delicious! is.

Since various arrangements can be made,
It is salt that is useful to have one in the family.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Akemi Chiba

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