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Heading into spring...

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February is finally in the second half.

Fujisawa-cho, Ichinoseki City, where ARK Tategamori is located, also has sunny days during the day.
In the ranch, the flowers of witch hazel are also in full bloom.
It feels like spring is finally here.

While the renovation work on the ranch is steadily progressing, people who are preparing for spring and growing vegetables are gradually picking up the pace.

The vegetables harvested in spring and summer are growing quickly in the greenhouse, and some of them are about to be planted.
In addition, there are many crops that are already growing well in greenhouses despite the cold mornings and evenings.
There will be a renewal grand opening this spring, and we anticipate that many customers will be able to see it.
We would like to produce and provide a lot of vegetables.

In addition, tulips are gradually appearing in the fields as spring flowers.

The days are getting warmer little by little, but the mornings and evenings are still cold and some bulbs are exposed due to frost.
I'm going to look at the state of the soil and fill it up and repair it.
Although it depends on the weather and temperature from now on, it seems that the best time to see them will be around the end of April, just like last year.

All the staff of the Agriculture and Livestock Department will work hard so that everyone who visits this year will be given a lot of healing and excitement.

Agricultural Department
Makoto Chiba


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