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About seasonal winter vegetables

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How are you all doing?
Tategamori Ark Ranch Natural Food Restaurant "Tills Miura" is a symbol of energy.

Well, today I would like to talk about seasonal winter vegetables.
Recently, I think everyone is having a hard time with the rush to raise prices for various things.

The ingredients for overcoming such a harsh winter are domestic winter vegetables.
The price is stable this year, so it's a bargain compared to other ingredients.
There are many varieties such as Chinese cabbage, radish, carrot, long onion, and turnip.

In the cold winter, Chinese cabbage and bacon in cream and oden pot are recommended.

Daikon radishes and turnips are also boiled until soft and cooked with meat sauce,

We also recommend the sweet and sour pickles flavored with yuzu.

The current situation is all about a lot of trouble, but let's get over it by eating a lot of cheap and delicious winter vegetables and laughing heartily.

It was Toshiharu Miura, a healthy old man from Ark.

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