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Would you like to use Tategamori Ark Farm's family celebration? !

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Hello everyone ☆
This is Masuda from Tategamori Ark Ranch.

Here in Ichinoseki City, there is very little snow this year, and while I feel that commuting is easy,
When I was a child, I used to make a kamakura at least once every winter! is also remembered.
However, if you let your guard down, you will be hurt, so don't act 10 minutes before winter and drive more safely than usual.
I want to keep it in mind.

Well, today I would like to introduce the family celebration of Tategamori Ark Ranch.

What is a family celebration?
Family celebrations are when there are celebrations and congratulatory events such as marriage and childbirth,
Gifts are given to relatives, neighbors, and others who have taken care of them in order to share their joy.
The word ``naisai'' was originally used in the sense of ``celebration within the family''.

recent family celebration
Recently, in the sense of "return" for the congratulations received from the surroundings
The number of cases where family gifts are given has increased.

In fact, meat is recommended for family celebrations!
In general, gifts such as food and consumables are desirable for family celebrations.
For family celebrations, which are part of auspicious celebrations, I would like to choose something that does not burden the other party.
There are cases where tableware that retains its shape is appreciated,
Consumable items such as meat will not be a burden to the other party.
However, it is still not common.
If you give Tategamori Kogen pork as a family celebration gift,
The person who receives the effort to choose a gift should also feel it.

How do you like it? I'm sure everyone has given it once.
Various gifts such as wedding gifts, baby gifts, school entrance gifts, housewarming gifts, etc.

"What should I do for the noshi?"
"What's the price range?"
There are a lot of things to worry about, such as "Can you attach a message card?"
At Tategamori Ark Ranch, we have a wide variety of lineups for family celebrations and return gifts.
We will support you according to your budget and content, so please feel free to contact us.

Click here for recommended gifts

Marketing Department Kaori Masuda

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