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Happy New Year.

Last year, thanks to the support of many customers, business partners, stakeholders, and employees, we were able to successfully spend a very meaningful year as a company celebrating its 50th anniversary.
After the 50th anniversary, we have had the opportunity to look back on the history of the company. I experienced deep emotions.
Looking ahead to the next 50 years, I once again feel that it will be an accumulation of efforts year by year and day by day.

The current situation in the world is not always full of bright stories, but there is always light in the dark if you look for it. This year as well, all of our employees will continue to move forward, cherishing time while searching for light even in a harsh environment.

Also, this year is the year of the renewal of the ranch. It will be another big and challenging year to look forward to.
I would like to make it a year where I can see more smiles of customers and employees while being excited.

Thank you for your continued support in the year.

Tomoatsu Hashimoto
First sunrise of New Year's Day. I got the energy to survive a year!

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