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Happy words from our customers

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Hello, this is Haruna from the sales department.

When I am in the sales department, at the quality market store, which is a business partner,
We have the opportunity to introduce our products directly to our customers.

The wife I met at the recommended sale the other day,
"If my son was only allowed to eat additive-free foods from an early age,
I'm in trouble because you didn't eat what I had... I've been waiting for something like this! ”
He spoke passionately.

As a producer, I was happy to hear that I was able to help our customers.
And because we are from the same child-raising generation,
“I want to feed him food that is good for his body and additive-free as much as possible.”
I sympathize with the feeling.

Another word that made me happy was
Not only meat, but also processed ham and sausage products
It is said that the fat of Tategamori Kogen pork melts in the mouth!
"That's right! It's really delicious!"
And there is happiness that can sympathize with "delicious".

Regardless of meat or processed products, many people tend to avoid fatty meat.
“Because it is Tategamori Kogen pork, we want you to fully enjoy the high-quality red meat and fat!”
“This high quality doesn’t change even when it comes to bacon or steamed pork buns!”

So that I can convey this feeling to as many people as possible,
Store recommended sales in 2023 next year I would like to do my best.

And I hope that you will be blessed with many “delicious” connections.

                    ↑ “Tategamori Kogen Butaman” loved for over 20 years
                      Please come and enjoy this winter!

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