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Hello everyone. Today, I would like to introduce the vegetables of the regular flight "Yamabato flight".

Yamaba and Bin contain fresh vegetables grown organically without pesticides.
These vegetables are not medicated!
Therefore, various parts such as leaves, stems, and fruits are eaten by insects, and vegetables are insects' homes.
We check the insects one by one with human eyes, adjust them, pack them and ship them.
There are a wide variety of people living in vegetables, and larvae, grasshopper spiders, etc. live lively, with a minimum length of 1mm to a maximum length of 4cm. We are working on shipping every day so as not to miss the children as much as possible.

The word "delicious" received from customers is the joy of producing.
I will continue to do my best so that many people will eat this vegetable and say, "It's delicious."

If you are interested in Yamabato-bin, please check out the homepage!

Agricultural Department
Keitaro Nakamura

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