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The farm-based butcher room is super fresh and running at full speed! !

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Late November. It's "December" soon.
I really feel that time has passed so quickly.

Today, I got an influenza vaccine at my family doctor who always takes care of me.
Change to studless tires on the next public holiday.
I am also preparing for winter.

The farm-based butcher room at Tategamori Ark Farm is in full swing every day for the production of frozen products during the year-end gift sales season.

Rookie Kimura who likes soccer and is good at dancing.
It's heavy, but I handle it quietly (laughs)
Thank you for your hard work every day!

This is Mr. Ouchi, who is also in his first year with the company.
Our department has grown into a multiplayer at once!
Thank you so much for everything!

Mr. Ishikawa, who came back after two months of technical training last month, is also in his first year with the company.
I am very happy with his growth.
Take another leap!
I'm looking forward to it!

Tategamori Ark Farm Farm Base Meat Room has outstanding freshness of products, but the freshness of staff is also outstanding (laughs)

These days, I am really happy to see the success of young people with ambition.

We commercialize Tategamori Kogen Pork every day with gratitude and sincerity.

Thank you for choosing our products.

It's going to be even colder from now on, so please take care of yourself so that you don't get sick.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Manufacturing Sales Department Toshihiro Kamoda

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