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Do you know "Wurst"?

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Hello everyone.
Today I would like to introduce Wurst.
It's sold in thin slices, so some people ask me, "Is it ham?"
To briefly explain the difference between ham and sausage, ham is salted pork that has been smoked or boiled as a chunk.
Sausages are minced meat mixed with spices and seasonings, stuffed into casings or animal intestines, smoked or boiled.

Wurst is the latter, so it's a fat "sausage".
A type of sausage that contains small lumps of ingredients (seeds) is called Riona sausage, and Wurst corresponds to this.
If you look at the state stuffed in the casing before cutting, you will be convinced that "I see this is a huge sausage".

The wurst currently being made at Tategamori Ham Factory
・It is said to be the king of sausages made from diced meat.Bierschinkenwurst
・ A filling mix of coarsely ground red meat and green pepperJagdwurst
・Fluffy red and green paprika that is fun to look atPaprikawurst
There are three types of
Among these, I like Bierschkenwurst, where you can enjoy the difference in taste and texture of meat and sausage.

Because it is sliced, you can put it in a sandwich, chop it up and sprinkle it on a salad,
Also, if you warm it up a little, it will become thick and juicy,
It's delicious even if you put it on when you eat pot-au-feu.

There are many ways to eat.
Please try and compare the three types.

Ham Studio Yoko Takahashi

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