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I found a hare!!

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This is Tamura from Tategamori Ark Ranch.

The other day, a rabbit was basking in the sun on the work road leading from the main gate of the ranch.

A few minutes passed without me paying much attention to my approach.

After that, we approached and disappeared into the mountains.

Just hearing this, you may feel that nature is still left, but we also raise rabbits for ornamental purposes at our ranch.

The fact that hares live in farms is a very big problem from the perspective of epidemic prevention and breeding plans.

The rabbits we raise for appreciation are raised in an environment that is easy to see so that visitors can appreciate them.

Equally, there is the possibility of coming into contact with outside animals.

The disease is transmitted by the animal itself, humans, and food as the main source of infection.

In other words, the hare this time is an animal that we need to be careful of.

In addition to disease infection, if by any chance mating occurs, it will not only cause disease, but also make it impossible to manage with an appropriate number of breeding.

The hares must have existed in this land even before we colonized them, but from now on we must maintain a good sense of distance and manage them so that they do not enter each other's territories. It was a moment when I felt

Agricultural Department Toru Tamura

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