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Preparing animals for winter

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In October, the change of clothes has become completely autumnal.
Some days are hot enough to wear short sleeves, but mornings and evenings are chilly and you might catch a cold if you don't wear one.

Meanwhile, the animals on the ranch seem to be changing their clothes for the winter.

The ponies are preparing for the cold winter as their short summer coats gradually change to long winter coats.

Cream-kun for summer ↓

Cream-kun for winter ↓

In winter, it becomes fluffy.

Yuki-chan has longer hair than everyone else, so it looks like she's wearing boots with fur on her feet.
The sheep, too, have grown hair that was cut in the spring and look like they are wearing a fluffy sweater.

Dark brown donkeys also have short, glossy hair that follows their bodies in the summer.
summer version

In winter, the hair gets longer overall, and the hair around the forehead grows and becomes fluffy like bangs, making it cute (laughs)
winter version

By the way, when spring comes, the winter hair falls out and the summer hair grows back.

Yuki-chan in early spring loses so much hair that she could make another Yuki-chan (laughs).
↑Image after brushing

*The winter hair image is from last year.

I am also saving up the taste of autumn so that I can move well in winter by following the example of fluffy ponies and donkeys.
I can't take my furry clothes off in spring...(-_-;)

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management
Sugawara Ayumi

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