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This is my first project☆

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It's the season where you can feel the refreshing signs of autumn.
How are you all doing?
When you look up at the sky, you can see scaly clouds, mackerel clouds, sardine clouds, and sheep clouds.
It reminds me of the autumn season.

Well, today, it appeared in commemoration of the 50th anniversary,
It is introduction of "gift with shopping ticket".
It's my first trial project, so I'd appreciate it if you were interested.

First of all, what is a gift with a shopping voucher? I think so.

This is for people who want to introduce the products of Tategamori Ark Ranch to their acquaintances.
It is a recommended gift set.
Not only do we send safe and secure products, but we also provide our customers with
It was born from the voice of the customer who wants to buy it.

We have 2 sets available.
Why don't you give it to your acquaintances and friends?

Marketing Department Kaori Masuda

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