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hello everyone!
Was the typhoon the other day okay?
In order to prepare for the typhoon and have a fulfilling time at home,
I filled my fridge with delicious food!
However, thanks to you, we were able to spend without any damage from the typhoon, except for a little heavy rain.
But if you're prepared, you'll be fine! is not it.

So, be prepared today! ? Introducing ARK's products~^^☆
Very popular ☆ grilled hamburger!

This is free of the 7 major allergens, so you don't have to worry about allergies to eggs or wheat.
You can warm it as it is in the package, so it's delicious right away♬
The shelf life is 14 days when refrigerated and 90 days when frozen.
How about a frozen stock?

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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