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Hello, this is Haruna from the sales department.

We want to support Japan's agriculture, which will be responsible for the future of the country, and the creation of a healthy body.
I want to be a force for passing on to my children and future generations.
I joined Tategamori Ark Ranch this spring.

After joining the company, I learned a lot during the Iwate ranch training that I experienced immediately.

While doing trial and error every day in the pig farming business,
Experience a farm where everyone is lovingly caring for Tategamori Kogen pigs and Tategamori Kogen pigs Noah.
I even give names to my favorite pigs among those in charge of pig farming.

At the ham workshop, craftsmen concentrate on making Tategamori Kogen pork ham sausages, creating a crisp atmosphere.
Pursuing high quality even more delicately because it is additive-free,
I could see its roots.

In the agriculture and livestock department, the hen that lays "Tategamori Plateau old-fashioned egg" can spend comfortably with the rooster.
I also take care of my perches, favorite birdhouses and free-range pastures every day.
I will never forget the comfort of a freshly laid warm egg.

It was a lot of training for 2 months that I couldn't write.

Everyone at Tategamori Ark Ranch is grateful for life, and through trial and error,
Aiming for a better product, with the products that we have created by striving every day,
Proposing more delicious, fun, and healthy food
I will do my best as the last runner so that I can deliver to as many customers as possible!

If you see products from ARK Ranch in the shop, please pick one up.
Please enjoy while imagining the scenery of Iwate.
I'm sure your mind and body will be fine!

Sales Department Aiki Haruna

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