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Nella's big chicks have arrived

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Today, July 16th, Nera arrived at Ark Ranch.
ARK Ranch introduces and updates large chicks on a regular basis.

It rained heavily from early morning today, and there was a considerable amount of rainfall in the southern Tohoku region.
Nera comes from far away Gunma in about 5-6 hours, but due to the unfortunate weather, the Tohoku Expressway was closed and I used the general road from the middle.
It seems that detour instructions were difficult one after another even on general roads. (Thank you for your hard work, driver!)
It seems that there were not only rain but also strong winds in some areas, so the Nera that arrived was a little wet.
The staff has strengthened the care of the breeding environment so as not to cause poor physical condition such as cold.
We will carefully raise them and work hard to deliver delicious eggs to everyone.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino

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