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Hello. We have entered the rainy season all over Japan.
This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.
Thanks to the rain, the growth of the plants is even more vigorous, and the momentum does not stop no matter how much you cut it.
Feel the vitality of nature.

The spread of the new coronavirus infection is not as strong as before, but it is possible to get as close to zero as possible
When will it be?
Events are gradually being held, but when it comes to tasting, measures are strict,
The customer is also refrain from infection, and there are many cases where it doesn't even reach the tasting.

In the jurisdiction of the West Japan sales office, we conducted a seven-day non-tasting session at the Takashimaya Osaka store in May.
There are people who usually buy at Takashimaya, people who buy online, etc.
We visited you and introduced you to our recommended products and new products.
Mini wieners are a popular item at special events. Because it can be used for various dishes, "It is very useful."
This product is popular with many children, and it is also popular with small children.
The grilled hamburg steak that can be eaten without sauce just by heating is also popular.
One of the products that cannot be purchased on a daily basis is bone-in loin. To buy this product far away from Nara or Osaka
We also have visitors from the north.

I will tell you how to grill it, and I will choose the loin according to your preference.
Some women in their 80s can eat a 300g bottle.

It's rare to have an event with all products, but we'll let you know again.
Please come and visit us.
sales department
West Japan Sales Office Hirotaka Oka

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