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Event/Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee

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I am Yamada from the Pig Farming Division, and I will serve as the vice chairman of this year's event and customer satisfaction improvement committee.
This committee is mainly working on event preparation, operation and distribution of SNS!

Currently, we are steadily preparing for the Herb Festa to be held on June 25th and 26th.
In order for our customers to enjoy themselves, the committee members come up with various event details every year, so I think this year will be an event that everyone will enjoy!
I myself usually take care of pigs, so I don't have many opportunities to talk to customers, so I'm really looking forward to it!

Due to the renewal of the ranch this year, there will be fewer events than usual and the timing will be different, but I would like to make the content of each event richer.
In addition, we are also actively working on SNS, and all members are posting various contents!
We plan to announce events, so please check it out!

We are waiting for you to visit us!

Pig Farming Division Miki Yamada

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