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Recommended products for Mother's Day

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Golden week will also be the last day tomorrow.
Tategamori Ark Ranch is blessed with good weather every day and is bustling with customers!

By the way, what day is tomorrow? . It's Mother's Day! !
Why don't you express your daily gratitude again on this day?

This time, I would like to introduce recommended products for Mother's Day.
At the farm market, herb shop products are displayed at the storefront.
There are many products that I would like to recommend, but this time I would like to focus on one of them.

This time we will introduce [Floral carnation (bath cosmetics)] 500 yen (tax included)
[Scarlet Fabulous Rose Fragrance (bath cosmetics)] 500 yen (tax included).
With this product, the petals are removed from the stalks, half of the water is poured into the bathtub, and showering vigorously from above the petals creates a bubble bath. You might think it's a cute flower gift, but it's a wonderful gift that can be transformed into a bubble bath and surprise you twice! ! From children to mothers, I hope you all enjoy bathing together♪

In addition, we sell products that can be enjoyed in the bathtub and hand creams at the farm market!
We have products perfect for Mother's Day, such as bath salt products that heal daily fatigue, hand care products, and herbal teas that can be expected to have relaxing and rejuvenating effects, so please come visit Tategamori Ark Ranch.


Production Sales Department Hoshiraimu

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