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Would you like to go with cherry blossom viewing?

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Hello everyone!
It's getting warmer and it's the season where you can feel spring.
Flowers are blooming in the park of Tategamori Ark Farm, giving it a spring-like appearance.
So why not enjoy sweets from Ark Farm while looking at the flowers?

The first recommendation is a scone made with ranch-produced southern wheat and whole wheat flour.
You can eat it quickly with one hand, so it won't interfere with your cherry blossom viewing!
Please note that this item is only sold at Farm Market stores on Saturdays and Sundays, so please be aware of this when purchasing.

The second recommendation is Langue de Chat.
It comes in a cup so you can carry it around and share it.
It's as thin as a cat's tongue, so even people with small mouths can eat it with confidence.


Please stop by the farm market and buy some sweets before viewing the cherry blossoms♪

Manufacturing and Sales Department Farm Market Sayaka Ito

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