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Try being the chairman of the Smile Up Committee

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My name is Fumiya Tomizuka, and I am the chairman of the Smile Up Committee this year.
This committee plans an athletic meet, an in-house event, and considers measures to create a workplace full of smiles.
What I felt after serving as chairman for a year was the importance of talking face-to-face.

Due to the influence of the recent corona, we have recently been talking over screens such as remote meetings. However, when preparing and adjusting for the sports day, I had to ask many people for their opinions, questions, and requests. I can't deny that there were many things that I wasn't good at, but I was strongly impressed by the fact that it was easier to understand each other by meeting face-to-face.

In regular committee meetings, even through masks, the tone of voice, intonation, eyes, etc. will change the impression of the opinions of the committee members, and the conversation will also change. It's not the time to casually meet people yet, but I was able to feel how important "normal" was until now, and I was able to have a very good experience.

Smile Up Committee Chairman Fumiya Tomizuka

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