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Valentine's Day...isn't it?

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Valentine's Day.
No matter if you have a favorite or obligation, it is an important event of this season.
This year has been cold and snowy, and some people in Tohoku and the Sea of Japan are saying, ``It's not going to be that bad.''
I wonder if there are many.
Iwate also has a lot of snow this year.

At this time of year, university entrance exams are in full swing in the Kanto region.
In a month's time, junior high school students will face the biggest milestone in their lives, from high school entrance exams to graduation ceremonies.
Not only the person himself/herself, but also his/her parents, grandparents, etc. are concerned.
I hope you are accompanying me every day.
With the coronavirus, I really can't relax.

At Tategamori Ark Farm online shop, we are planning a "Support for examinees!" set for this period.
On sale.
It's a cliché, but it's an easy late-night snack with a ``tekini katsu'' set or ``just heat it up''! Two things.
Of course, a "message card" will be included free of charge.
In a mood where it is difficult to say things such as ``Do your best!'', ``Gently cheer us up with food''.
I think this way, whether you live together or are far away, you can gently support them.
We plan it every year.

2022 Entrance Examination Support Setgo to page

Other than this set, pork is also perfect for hot pot!
``Shabu-shabu'', ``Mizutaki'', ``Hormone hotpot'', etc. It's a very useful meat.
Warm up your body and strengthen your immunity! Enjoy pork without feeling tired!
I sincerely hope that you will get through the coming January in good health.

I hope spring comes soon.

Marketing Department Tsukasa Takagaki


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