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Serving as 5S Committee Chairperson

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Hello, this is Takuma Mizuguchi from Kurokinosawa Farm.

We Ark employees are engaged in 5S activities every day.
Some of you may be wondering, "What is 5S activity?", so let me explain briefly.
Activities that make the workplace a safe place, improve work quality and productivity, and improve the workplace atmosphere.
By the way, 5S is organizing (seiri), tidy (seiton), cleaning (seisou), cleanliness (seiketsu), discipline (sHitsuke) starts with the letter S, so it is 5S.

I am serving as the chairperson of the 5S Activities Committee, which is promoting 5S activities this term.
What I focused my efforts on this term was to review the activities of the 5S Activities Committee.
Why did we put so much effort into this?The 5S activities carried out by Ark employees include activities to improve work efficiency, use DIY to create useful things, and promote creativity and creativity. Technological capabilities are improving year by year.
However, on the other hand, there has been no change in the activities of the 5S Activities Committee over the past few years.
I thought, ``What's wrong with the fact that the 5S skills of our employees are improving, but the committee that supports them isn't showing any growth?'' I took advantage of being appointed as the 5S committee chair and started working on 5S activities. We focused our efforts on reviewing the committee's activities.

I said it was easy, but I had not had much experience in the leadership role like chairperson.
I don't want to think too much about what would have happened without the support of my advisor, vice chair, and committee members.
However, at this point I feel a sense of accomplishment as I have managed to take shape and change things.

As the chairperson of the 5S Activities Committee, I was able to grow through many experiences.
Next year, I will continue to grow by taking on challenges without fear of change.

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