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′′ if you eat cold eggs, you can spend a year in good health ′′ why?

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The ′′ cold weather ′′ in 2022 is January 20th (Thurs).

It is said that if you eat eggs from the cold weather, you will be able to spend a year without illness.


Once upon a time, when it was mainstream to keep chickens in the garden of the house,
A chicken that was laying one egg a day,
In winter, due to the cold weather, only about one egg is born per week.
In order to survive the cold, chickens eat a lot of food over several days to store nutrients.
The amount of water supplied is slightly less than in summer, producing rich and nutritious eggs.
It's the coldest time of the year, yes... the 'kanchu'.
When you eat nutritious eggs laid in the "cold weather", which is the coldest even in the cold,
It is said that "you can spend a year without illness or disaster."


In recent years, can we say that the eggs laid by chickens raised in air-conditioned cages are "cold eggs"?
There is no sense of the seasons in the poultry house where a constant room temperature is maintained throughout the year.

[What is cage breeding]
A method in which chickens are kept off the floor where manure accumulates and kept in metal cages equipped with feeders and waterers.
At Ark Ranch...

Chickens at ARK Farm are raised free-range from spring to autumn, and free-range in winter.
There is no air-conditioning equipment in the poultry house, and it is almost an old-fashioned breeding method.
In order to survive the winter cold, parent birds eat a lot of food and store nutrients.
This time of year produces the richest and most nutritious eggs of the year.
In winter, the egg production rate is slightly lower than in warmer months, but while observing the cold weather measures and the condition of the litter in the poultry house,
The poultry staff raises the chickens with sincerity and passion every day, so the chickens lay eggs smoothly.

[What is free range]
The most gentle and natural feeding method for chickens that allows chickens to move freely in the outside pasture and in the poultry house.

[What is free range]
A breeding method that allows chickens to move freely in the poultry house.

* Depending on pasture conditions and bird flu epidemics, we may change to free-range farming.

In terms of nutritional value, Daikan Egg contains about 4 to 5 times more DHA than regular eggs.
By all means, for children who are preparing for entrance examinationsI want you to eat and do your best.
 DHA also has the effect of regulating the immune response in the body.cold preventionIt will also be

feng shuiThe "cold egg" is said to be a lucky charm for increasing financial fortune.
keep the egg shape"boiled egg"is the ideal way to eat.

But I think it's better to work hard and diligently.

In the photo, when I belonged to the poultry farming club, did you envy the snowy scenery? chickens watching.

Today, January 6th, I turned 50.

I'll do my best to eat "great cold eggs" to spend the year in good health again this year.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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