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How about ark cold eggs?

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Happy new year.

Ark has been experiencing snowfall and severe cold due to the cold wave since the new year,
How are you all doing?

Tomorrow, January 5th, is the day called ``Kan no Iri'' in the calendar called the 24 solar terms, which divides the year into 24 equal parts and names the seasons.
The onset of cold is the day when the coldest period of the 24 solar terms begins, and the coldest day is called the coldest day.

Eggs laid during this "cold" period are called "cold eggs," and eggs laid on particularly cold days are called "cold eggs."
Eggs at this time of year are very popular as they are highly nutritious and are said to bring good luck with money according to feng shui.

At Tategamori Ark Farm, we stamp "cold eggs" on the packaging of eggs produced during this period.

↑The stamp in the middle of this package is a landmark.

Why not try this year's ``cold egg'', which is highly nutritious and brings good luck?

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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