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A year in review...

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Today is also a cold wave, severe cold and pure white snowscape✧˖°˖✧
I hope everyone is busy at the end of the year.
How are you doing?

I'm Miwako Iwabuchi from the Marketing Department (*´ω`*)

A year has passed in the blink of an eye since I started working at Ark Ranch.
It's the end of the year for the second time.

Work where you love, work hard
Involved in delivering our products to customers
2021 was a year of happiness and fulfillment.

It's a little early, but thank you very much for your help in the year.
thank you!
Thank you for your continued support next year (o^-^o)
I hope the coming year 2022 will be a peaceful and warm year...☆彡

*We accept orders from the online shop at any time, but shipping will begin from January 9th.
How about a gift for your loved ones in the new year?

Click here to order ↓

Marketing Department Miwako Iwabuchi

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