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Natural Food Restaurant Tills 2022 First Sale Information

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"Hey ark fans! I'm Tills Miura, a lively craftsman. Hello, how are you?"

Well, today is the information about the first sale of 2022 of the natural food restaurant tills.
At the herb shop in Tills, you can buy herbal products and a coupon for a meal at Tills.
We are planning to sell lucky bags. The contents are also substantial, and it is a "chance" to get on this occasion.

Also, the restaurant is scheduled to open from Tuesday, January 4th.
To express our gratitude to our customers who patronized us last year, we will hold two days on January 4th (Tuesday) and 5th (Wednesday).
<Buffet & Sweets Fair> will be held. Focusing on Tategamori Kogen pork and farm-grown pesticide-free vegetables
We will entertain you with our cuisine and a variety of handmade sweets using organically grown wheat.

We are waiting for you with the heartfelt smiles of all the staff, not for sale, and the spirited dishes of the craftsman Tills Miura.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this opportunity.

Restaurant Tills Toshiharu Miura

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