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Tategamori Ark Ranch Fair and okara sausage

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How are you all doing in the cold weather?
The number of new infections with the new coronavirus has finally decreased, but
Is it the same?

By the way, retail stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area are holding the "Tategamori Ark Ranch Fair".
Among them, we are selling a groundbreaking new product "Okara sausage [2 types]".
Have you ever been served?
A healthy sausage that you will want to eat every morning.
If you haven't eaten it yet, please try it.
・Low salt content
·low fat
・High protein
・Low calorie
・Dietary fiber◎ *Compared to in-house products

・Freshly boiled okara sausage

・"Tategamori Ark Ranch Fair" at Tokyu Presse in Meguro

・ Package image of okara sausage [2 types]

The temperature is getting lower, so eat something delicious and good for your body,
Please take care of yourself so you don't catch a cold.
Ranch Division Sales Department
Kazuto Matsuura

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