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Hello, this time we would like to introduce you to a new product that will be released today.

Made with farm-grown German chamomile and lemon verbena grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
This is the original blend of herbal tea "Wrapped in Kindness".

German chamomile is a representative herb that relaxes the mind and body. Has a strong sedative effect
Relieves fatigue and tension caused by stress.
Lemon verbena is also a relaxing herb with a pleasant lemon scent.
The blend makes it even easier to drink.
It also contains zero caffeine, so it can be safely consumed by children and pregnant women.
It is recommended to drink it before going to bed to feel relaxed and surrounded by gentleness.
We named the product ``Wrapped in gentleness'' because we want people to become like us.
5g x 10 pieces for 864 yen (tax included).
We are selling it at Ark Farm's directly managed store Farm Market, so please try it.

Manufacturing and sales department
Shuji Terui

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