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I sowed the seeds of foliage!

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In Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, where the ranch is located, the cold weather continues even during the day.

When it gets cold enough to frost, it becomes difficult to grow vegetables in the field.
Because the vegetables will freeze.

So, today I sowed Japanese mustard spinach and spinach seeds in the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse, the sunlight warms the air, making it feel like summer! I can't go as far as this, but I can protect vegetables from the cold.

↑ Spinach seeds. They are blue because they are coated to make the smaller seeds easier to handle.

Vegetables grow very slowly in the winter, even in a greenhouse.

In order to always deliver delicious vegetables to everyone, we will sow a lot of seeds (more than 1000 grains just today!) to get through the winter.

Please look forward to the harvest of vegetables that will slowly become delicious from now on!

Someya Satomi, Agricultural Department


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